BFC Budgeting Tool


The everything-you-need tool for your financial journey, no matter your computer skills.

  • Instructions with easy interface
  • Budget Planner
  • Budget Pie Graph
  • Bill Reminder
  • Checking Account Leger
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Spare Checking Account Leger
  • Emergency Account Leger
  • Sinking Fund Leger
  • Christmas Planner
  • Vacation Planner
  • Retirement Planner
  • Free lifetime updates





The Branch Financial Coaching (BFC) Budgeting Tool is great for beginners and advanced individuals. Includes lifetime updates.


Budget Planner

A budget is important because it helps individuals and organizations track and control their spending, allocate resources effectively, plan for the future, and achieve financial goals. This system is very user-friendly, but we’re also here to help you fill in the blanks if you find that creating the first budget it too much.


Budget Pie Graph

A budget pie graph is important because it provides a clear visual representation of how money is being allocated, allowing individuals and organizations to actually see what it eating their money and what they’re priorities are according to their wallet.


Bill Reminder

A bill reminder helps you feel at peace by reducing the stress and anxiety that comes with managing bills and payments. It helps evaluate expenses versus experiences and decide which bills are worth keeping and which ones can be cut or reduced. A bill reminder can be a helpful tool to improve financial well-being and happiness.


Checking Account Leger

A checking account ledger is a record book or a journal where checking account activity is tracked. See the amount of money in the account and avoid overdrafts or insufficient funds. Record withdrawals and deposits and monitor cash flow and spending habits. Monitor recurring transactions such as online bill payments and direct deposits and ensure they are processed correctly. Spot errors or fraudulent activity that may occur in the account and report them to the bank.


Spare Checking Account Leger

This is the perfect alternative to using credit cards as a backup. This simple leger provides you the security you need for when your debit card is locked up or denied for any reason.


Emergency Account Leger

Too many Americans don’t know how to prepare for emergencies and end up in credit card debt. This Emergency Account Leger will help you beef up your financial security and avoid avoid relying on high-interest debt options, such as credit cards or loans, or tapping into your retirement funds when you face a financial crisis. An emergency account can be a useful tool to protect yourself and your family from financial shocks and hardships.


Sinking Fund Leger

A sinking fund ledger is a record  where you keep track of how much money you have saved for each sinking fund. It helps you organize your finances, plan ahead for your goals and needs, helps you monitor your progress, stay motivated to save more, and helps you avoid overspending or under-saving by having a clear target amount and deadline for each sinking fund. Imagine paying for Christmas and not facing January’s credit card statement.


Sinking Fund Planner

A sinking fund planner is a tool that helps you plan sinking funds. A sinking fund is a portion of your savings that you allocate or earmark for a specific occasion, event, or future expense, such as vacations, large purchases, car purchases, or home repairs. It helps you set realistic and achievable goals for your sinking funds by breaking down the total amount you need and the monthly amount you need to save based on your capabilities.


Christmas Planner

A Christmas sinking fund planner is a tool that helps you plan and track your savings for Christmas expenses, such as gifts, decorations, travel, or parties12. A Christmas sinking fund planner is important and can make the holidays happier because it helps you avoid going into debt or overspending on Christmas, by setting a realistic and achievable goal for your Christmas fund and saving a small amount each month. It helps you enjoy the season without stress or worry by having the money ready and available to pay for your Christmas expenses in cash. Now you can be generous and thoughtful because this planner allows you to plan ahead and buy meaningful gifts for your loved ones without breaking the bank, and have fun and celebrate by giving you permission to spend on the things that matter most to you during the holidays.


Vacation Planner

A vacation sinking fund is a portion of your savings that you allocate or earmark for a specific vacation, such as a trip to the beach, a cruise, a ski resort, a big city trip, or a week in the mountains. A vacation sinking fund planner is a tool that helps you plan and track your savings for your vacation expenses, such as airfare, car rental, hotels, food, and souvenirs. It can help with family or individual vacations because it helps you avoid going into debt, enjoy your vacation and think of the memories and not the racking credit cards, and gives you creative ways to be flexible and spontaneous.


Retirement Planner

Planning for retirement is important for both the young and the old because it allows you to decide when and how to live your life after you “stop” working. Planning for retirement can provide you and your loved ones with financial security, which can help you deal with medical emergencies, fulfill life aspirations, and be financially independent in your advanced years. With this tool you can see just how easy it is to retire as a millionaire.


Amortization Schedule

This useful tool helps you see how fast you can pay off loans or how much equity you’ll have in your home in the future. It helps you plan your budget and cash flow because it shows you how much you need to pay each month and how much of your payment goes toward reducing your debt. And it helps you save money and pay off your loan faster because it shows you how making extra payments can reduce your interest and shorten your loan term. The fast you get out of debt the faster you can build a legacy.


Financial Coaching Session

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed when thinking about budgets, savings, and retirement. However, avoiding these topics can lead to even more stress, especially when unexpected expenses arise. That’s where financial coaching comes in. With the help of a financial coach, you can create a plan that works for your unique situation without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. One of the first steps to financial success is creating a budget. However, for many people, this is easier said than done. The fear of not having enough money or being unable to stick to a budget can be paralyzing. A financial coach can help by breaking down the process into manageable steps. They will work with you to identify your income, expenses, and debts. From there, they can help you create a budget that works for you.  When it comes to holidays and vacations, a financial coach can help you plan ahead so that you can enjoy these experiences without going into debt. We can help you create a savings plan specifically for these expenses so that you’re not caught off guard.  Retirement planning can be a daunting task, but a financial coach can help make it more manageable. They can help you identify your retirement goals and develop a plan to save for retirement as a millionaire (for most). Financial coaching can be a powerful tool for those who are fearful or doubtful about their financial situation. A financial coach can help you create a budget, plan for sinking funds, holidays, and vacations, plan for retirement, get out of debt, and build a wealthy legacy. By breaking down these tasks into manageable steps and providing guidance and accountability, a financial coach can help you achieve your financial goals without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. So if you’re feeling anxious about your finances, consider working with a financial coach to take control of your financial future.